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Information for young people on understanding exam stress and effectively planning a revision strategy

Did you know? Students who deploy organised study plans are 30% more likely to achieve top grades. It's time to take action—begin plotting your study schedule today and adhere to it rigorously. Your future self will thank you for the discipline you show now.


Having an organised study plan is not just a good idea; it's essential for acing your exams. Embarking on the journey to conquer exams requires more than just determination; it demands mastering the art of efficient revision techniques. The many causes of exam stress, ranging from the dread of being underprepared to the pressures imposed by others or oneself, underscore the need for a robust revision strategy. To combat these stressors, embracing dynamic revision techniques becomes paramount. 


Start by breaking down your revision into manageable chunks, employing active learning methods such as flashcards, mind maps, and practice tests. These methods not only make revision more engaging but also enhance your ability to recall information under pressure. Furthermore, integrating regular breaks and a variety of subjects in each study session can prevent burnout and keep your mind sharp. Remember, the essence of efficient revision lies in quality, not just quantity. By tailoring your study approach to include a mix of techniques, you're not just preparing to pass your exams; you're gearing up to excel in them. 


It's crucial to recognise the signs of stress and its effects on your well-being. Stress can amplify the difficulties of existing mental health problems, which is why it is important to look after your mental wellbeing during your exam period. Make sure you still engage in activities that bring you joy, whether that be a walk, a favourite hobby or simply listening to music. Remember to communicate with your friends, family and teachers - they can provide support, motivation and advise that will help you during this stressful time. 


Remember - On exam day, ensure to calm yourself before entering the exam hall and once you’ve given your all, reward yourself for your effort.

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