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At ESP we live by our motto, 'Learning and working together for a better community'.

Please find some of our news stories below which demonstrate how we fulfil this vision. If you are holding an event that you would like us to help with, or alternatively any community news that you would like published on our website, please get in touch and we will be happy to help your cause.

07-03-2019 - Admin - 0 comments
Record Breaking Week at ESP HQ

What better way to spend a Friday afternoon than celebrating the flurry of records that have been broken in the ESP office this week. 

07-03-2019 - Admin - 0 comments

So we did it, after months of preparation and training, on Saturday we completed the Dirty Dozen Races in Usk.

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The Education Supply Pool Team Take On The Dirty Dozen Races For Charity

So  this Saturday the 9th of July, Gez Parker, Jay Nichols & Dave Brunnock undertake the challenge of a 6K obstacle course for the fantastic charity, 2 Wish Upon A Star.

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Education Supply Pool Proud To Support 'Casey's Cause'

Since Education Supply Pool formed in March 2014, Gez and the team have successfully donated approximately £8000 to charities and good causes, with £4200 going directly to the wonderful ‘Sparkle Appeal’. However, we do not want to stop there


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