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26-06-2019 - - 0 comments
The importance of identifying dyslexia early


What is dyslexia?

Our brains are designed differently in order to work well in different areas – just like we all have different bodies. Our physical dimensions can limit or enable us to be able to do things, for example, some people are fast runners whilst others might be slower but have higher endurance. Just like if someone wanted to be a helicopter pilot, they would have to be the right fit, due to the size of the cockpit. Just like our physical limits, our brain has different functions. Unfortunately, education today is geared to a narrow path which can mean that those with dyslexia can be deemed as failures.


How important is it to identify dyslexia early?


Very important! The earlier you can identify dyslexia allows you to put something in place to help this child to thrive. This will help to stop the child’s self esteem from dropping, it usually will drop around year 2. Up until year 2 the work has been interactive and from year 2 it starts to get more “wordy”, so suddenly what was a bright, smart child is unable to do things.


What does the Sounds Simple course cover?

Sounds Simple addresses area of the brain that do not hear sound correctly – this is not to do with our actual hearing but the way that the brain interprets sounds that are sent in. To some individuals they can be distorted and not clear. Some sounds like “T” when it follows and “S” can be lost because the “S” is a stronger sounds. You manipulate sounds in order to be able to do something – for example, “would”, if you saw the word “could” but had never seen it before you can manipulate the sounds in order to get somewhere more easily in reading. Some children, however, need to be explicitly taught this as it does not come easy to them.


What is the dyslexia demystified course?


I would like to think it will stop people assuming that if you are dyslexic then you are stupid. The children think they are because they are unable to do what the other children are able to do. If teachers fully understand what it is then they may be able to help the children’s self esteem and teach it a different way.


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