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02-12-2019 - - 0 comments
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Daves' Christmas favourites

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?


Seeing all my family together Christmas morning at my parents



What is your favourite Christmas song?


Every Christmas song ever sung.



Favourite Christmas food?


Mince Pies



Favourite Christmas drink?


Hot Chocolate



What are your plans for Christmas day?


First thing open presents at home with my family, then we go to my parent’s house to meet all my family and we exchange presents and open them together, it’s amazing watching every one open there presents together.  My mum makes everyone a Irish coffee (whether you want it or not lol) and we eat lots of biscuits, sweets and whatever my parents have out in bowls on the side board.  Once everyone is full and presents have been opened we say our goodbyes, merry Christmas’s and go home.  This year I’ll be celebrating at home (First Christmas with my family in our home) We will cook Christmas dinner, eat, get fat and I’m sure watch some great Christmas films whilst still squeezing in some more sweets at same time, as it is Christmas after all.  Then later on go over my brothers and spend the evening eating more, drinking lots and playing board games with my nieces, which is always so much fun.  Then finally go home and sleep off the food coma.



When should Christmas decorations be put up?


All Year round, I LOOOOVE Christmas!!!!!



If you could ban one thing from Christmas what would it be?!


Working – Should have all of December off.



Whats your best Christmas present?


When I was a kid we had a Sega Mega Drive for Christmas and me and my 3 brothers had to share it, but it was awesome playing against each other on it.  Now I’m a grown up I definitely love watching my nieces and nephews opening there presents and seeing the magic of Christmas on their faces, priceless and memories forever!



Whats on your Christmas list to Santa this year?


This year I just want everyone to be happy and have a great Christmas and spend some quality time with friends and family.  Or if anyone is reading this LEGO is always fun!



Favourite Christmas movie?


Every Christmas film EVER made!!!  (But if I had to just pick one it would be Santa Claus with Tim Allen)

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