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12-12-2019 - - 0 comments
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Dave CJ's Christmas favourites

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Christmas is a great time for socialising. I love going late night shopping when all the streets are lit up and the number of Christmas markets selling food and wine make it special.


What is your favourite Christmas song?

Now my favourite Christmas carol is Hark the Herald Angels sing but these days there are more and more popular songs being played in shops and if I had to do a Christmas Karaoke then It would be Santa Claus is coming to Town.


Favourite Christmas food?

My late father has handed down a recipe for making bread stuffing for the turkey. His father worked during the war on a Turkey farm in Dorset and the farmer’s wife gave him the recipe. It involves blending butter with a mixture of sage and thyme into the slightly stale breadcrumbs and stuffing the bird’s innards. As the bird cooks the butter melts and bastes the bread from the inside. Mmmmmm. 


Favourite Christmas drink?

On Christmas Day I always open a bottle of my favourite wine. I visited the village of Gevrey Chambertain which is one of the most exclusive villages in the Cote D’Or in the Burgundy area of France. Their wines are of a high quality and are very expensive so once a year I push the boat out.


What are your plans for Christmas day?

Well, in my house we have a dilemma as my lovely wife shares her birthday with Jesus. We’ve tried everything but he always wins and although she doesn’t miss out on the presents she dos miss out on the attention. For some years we’ve all got together for Christmas Day as an extended family to celebrate and some years there’s been up to 16 of us around the two emergency tables and chairs we keep specially for such occasions. As the children have grown they’ve introduced their girlfriends who have become wives and added grandchildren to the family and sadly we have lost a few of the older generation. Each year we toast our absent friends. My sister in law and I share the catering duties on a bi-annual basis and we have great fun. This year there will be only five of us as the younger generation will be with their in-laws so we are going to have the year off and have booked ourselves into the pub at the bottom of our road. We’ll see how it compares to our home cooking.


When should Christmas decorations be put up?

We usually fetch the Tree from a Christmas Tree farm outside Cowbridge on the first weekend of December. My wife then decorates the house beautifully during the week. I have a lot of lights that I put on the house and in our garden as the Grandkids love it. We keep our decorations up until 12th Night – January 6th and are the last in our street to take them down. I have no interest in decorating in November.


If you could ban one thing from Christmas what would it be?!

Starting it in September like some of the shops do.


Whats your best Christmas present?

It’s got to be my wife. We started dating a few days before Christmas and have been together ever since. This will also make Claire and Abbey in the office go – Aaaa, that’s romantic .. in an otherwise male dominated sports based office.

 Whats on your Christmas list to Santa this year?

There’s always some Gin and perhaps a new iMac. My wife says I’m difficult to buy for as I never let on what I want and she’s reluctant to buy me any surprises because she says I’m never grateful for them..... which is sort of true but she’s nice really.

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