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07-03-2019 - Admin - 0 comments
Education Supply Pool Proud To Support 'Casey's Cause'

Since Education Supply Pool formed in March 2014, Gez and the team have successfully donated approximately £8000 to charities and good causes, with £4200 going directly to the wonderful ‘Sparkle Appeal’. However, we do not want to stop there.

When Gez and Dave started the business they wanted to help as many charities as possible. With the growth of the business we now have this opportunity.  During the past few years, through social networks he has seen an inspirational old school friend ‘Emma Tanner’ work selflessly for a charity ‘Casey’s Cause’. As any charity they require as much help and support, that’s where we hope to step in and help.

Casey’s story is a real tearjerker so make sure you have a tissue at hand when you read the families story below:

Casey who was born on 9th November 2011 is a beautiful baby boy who brings so much joy to his family and so many others who are fortunate enough to meet him. Casey isn’t like most other baby boys’; he is an extraordinary baby boy.

Unfortunately, during labour Casey was left without enough oxygen for an extended period of time, which has sadly left him with significant brain damage.  Multiple scans have shown that Casey only has the Stem of his brain left, and fluid has replaced where his brain once was.

As a result of this, Casey has been diagnosed with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopaty (HIE), Severe Epilepsy, Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI0), Hypotonia- Failure to Thrive-Microcephaly, West Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Spastic quadriplegia. It is a huge amount of illness for anyone to bare, let alone a small child.

Despite these afflictions, Casey is such a charismatic baby who personifies what it is to love and to be loved. Each day, Casey deals with a multitude of painful spasms, epileptic seizures and extremely painful cramps, yet he has a smile and a chuckle that would brighten even the darkest rooms.

Even with his limiting illnesses, impairments and disabilities, Casey is developing in his own little way. Casey is able to respond to sound, touch and even light patterns. If you look at the disabilities that Casey has, he is a living miracle, but he will need constant care for the rest of his life.

Casey needs care 24 hours a day as a result of his disabilities he has been left with. It is taking superhuman efforts for his family to get through each day. At present, Casey’s care is undertaken by his parents, sister and grandparents. The amount of care Casey requires is substantial and it takes a number of skilled and trained people to care for him. Unfortunately the only respite the family receive is from the charity Ty Hafan.

Soon after Casey’s birth, his dad Anthony began having epileptic seizures which caused him to black out. The family sought medical advice, and an MRI scan revealed a tumour on the front left hand side of his brain. Anthony decided to have surgery in May 2012 in the hope that this would remove the tumour and the disease from his body, however, during another MRI scan the family were told that the brain tumour had returned. As a result of this, Anthony and the family had to brave a second operation, followed by 6 weeks of intensive Radiotherapy.

There is so much that can be done to improve the quality of Casey’s life so the family set up Casey’s Cause. This fundraising facility provides Casey and his family with the help and resources they so desperately need and deserve (including extremely expensive equipment that is not always available via the NHS, yet is essential to Casey’s future development).

Unfortunalty, the story doesn’t end there, Casey's dad, Anthony Hard, sadly passed away on 27th November 2015 from a brain tumour. As you can imagine, this has been an extremely hard time. Anthony was the inspiration behind the charity, Casey’s cause endeavour to continue their hard work in his memory.

Education Supply Pool will endeavour to support ‘Casey’s Cause’, ‘The Sparkle Appeal’ & ‘2 Wish Upon A Star’ with the hope of providing each charity a substantial amount year on year. It is because of the fantastic support we recruit from our clients, candidates and friends that we are able to do this, so a big thank you from us on behalf of all the charities we support.

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