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06-06-2019 - David Cynan Jones - 0 comments
Completing your NQT year through supply


In this blog I’ll outline the most important phases in the process and highlight the support that our team at ESP and Cariad Training can provide in assisting you into our wonderful profession.


First the legal bit. The Education (Induction Arrangements for School Teachers) (Wales) 2015 can be found on Reading this document will give you the necessary background information on how it all works. Don’t be alarmed by the jargon. As you go through the process things will begin to become clearer.


It’s important that you are aware that The Education Workforce Council (EWC) is responsible for administering induction funding to schools, hosting the online induction profile via the Professional Learning Passport on its website and hearing induction appeals .


During your University or College course you will have become aware that newly qualified teachers must hold Qualified Teacher Status and must register in the category of a school teacher with the EWC before their statutory induction period can commence and before they can be employed as a teacher in a maintained school.

This is an important step as without this registration induction cannot take place. If you decide to register with us this will be part of our compliance process and our staff can assist you with this.


Registering with ESP as a Newly Qualified Teacher employed on a part time basis or as a short term supply teacher gives you access to us seeking work for you in September. The number of days required to complete induction is 380 sessions, the equivalent of three school terms. One school session is defined as one morning or afternoon of employment in a school as a qualified teacher. From this you can deduce that working for ESP on a daily basis each day you work through us can lead to the induction period being achieved on a cumulative basis.


Each Newly qualified teacher commencing induction will work to the new professional standards for teaching and leadership that was launched in Wales in September 2017. It is very important that you familiarise yourself with these standards as they will be used to asses your development and are the goals to aspire to as you find your path through your career. Cariad Training, our sister company, runs a free awareness course on this aspect. Details of these courses will appear on our website and can be booked by contacting the office.


The completion of induction will require evidence against all the descriptors.

NQTs undertaking induction through the accrual of short-term periods of supply teaching must evidence that they meet all the relevant professional standards by the required induction period of 380 school sessions.


As a Short-term supply teacher you must take responsibility for:

1.    completing the EWC’s Induction Notification as a short term supply form within 10 days of the start of employment and each time the NQT moves school during their induction period logging all school sessions with EWC, within 10 days of completion by using the Professional Learning Passport

2.    ensuring sessions are verified by the headteacher or senior leader at the school using the relevant section of their induction profile before they move on to another school

3.    attending training events for short term supply teachers. These can be found on the CSC and EAS consortia websites. Details of training events / twilight sessions are also often publicised in the Dysg newsletter.


As a newly qualified teacher commencing induction on or after 1 September 2017 you will need to upload your career entry profile (CEP) to your induction profile via the Professional Learning Passport on the Education Workforce Council website.


Registering with Education Supply Pool can make this process easier for you and with the support of our staff assisting you along the way, all the hard work you achieved in gaining your degree and Qualified Teacher Status will seem worthwhile.

We can provide a link with local consortia who provide support, training and assessment through the process.

For any additional information or further discussion please contact me or any other member of our team.



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