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18-09-2020 - - 0 comments
Catch up with; Dave

House move

At the start of this pandemic, I had bought a house with my fiancé and moved in on the Friday before lockdown was officially put into place on the Monday.  We were very lucky to get in to be honest.  It was a crazy 3 days moving one house to another but we had 2 houses worth of stuff to move as I had sold my house a few months before and had all my stuff in my friends garage, my brothers garage and my parents attic.  We managed to get the house we sold empty and moved but could not get any of my stuff until the lock down was eased.  I literally only just finished getting the last of my stuff from my parent attic last week.   As stressful as moving was, we have a lovely house in a fantastic street with amazing neighbours and we are very happy in our new home. 

Being off work and at home I managed to unpack everything, build and move furniture into the correct room and I set up my craft room which I hadn’t had for months.  As for decorating, we decided we wanted to put our own touch on the house and make it our own.  So I first painted the garden fence, which took weeks.  It does look good, but about half way through I wish I never started it.  I dug up the garden, knocked out some flowerbeds and then filled in the gaps.  I then concentrated on the inside, I painted my sons bedroom, painted the kitchen, painted the living room, put up shelves, pictures and much more.  I learnt lots of new skills with DIY and am available for higher if anyone need a room painted lol.

I am now turning out summer house into a bar, by upcycling by old side board and some old pallets.  I’m sure it will look good and be used often once finished.

Home schooling

As my fiancé works for the NHS she was working all the way through the Pandemic and I was home looking after our son.  I know I worked in a school for 6 years as an LSA but doing home schooling was a hole different level and this has given me a whole new respect for teachers.  What they do daily for our children is nothing short of amazing, they are legends.  It was hard work as my son missed his mates and the social side of school life.  Plus it was his first year in high school, so he missed out on that just like so many other children did.  We had our up’s and down’s about what should be done and how long he needed to work each day (as I’m sure was the same in every house hold across the country), but he did an amazing job and even I learnt some new things at same time.



As most people know, I love my craft and making things.  I took a while to get the room the way I wanted and find everything, but once I had my craft room set up, I got right back into it.  I have made all my Christmas cards, gift tags and decorations ready to sell on my stall.  I have design lots of new frames and am looking forward to going to events again.


I would like to thank all our candidate and schools for sticking with us though out these uncertain times and hope we can work together to help get our education system back on its feet by helping all the children work though this.

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