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29-07-2020 - - 0 comments
Catch up with; Claire

During lockdown, what have you spent your time doing?

In the beginning I decided I wanted to use the time to get myself fit - I actually managed to run 17k the one day but after which I hurt my ankle and was unable to run. When I couldn't fill my time with running, I turned my time to gardening (call me Charlie Dimmock). I've managed to grow tomatoes, strawberries and keep a few other plants alive... which is a vast improvement on what I did when I moved in my house last year and ended up killing all my plants before the end of summer. I've actually found in very therapeutic. 


Have you enjoyed anything about lockdown?

It's been nice to spend the time with my boyfriend, Harry. He was also off so we spent a lot of time cooking and trying new foods. We bought a pizza oven and we've managed to perfect cooking garlic pizza bread... it's quite lucky I was running a lot because I consumed quite a few calories! I've also loved spending time with the cats - pathetic I know, but they make me laugh so much and I genuinely think lockdown would have been so much harder without them!  


What have you missed?

Structure! I'm not saying I miss the 6am alarm everyday but I definately missed knowing I had to get up for the day and being able to come in to work and talk to my colleagues. 


What are you most looking forward to as lockdown continues to ease?

I'm looking forward to going on holiday. Me and Harry have booked a staycation - we're going to inverness and then driving to see Loch Ness and then down to Edinburgh. It'll be nice to see something outside of Caerphilly!! 

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